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Welcome to the Step-by-Step Guide for Jarvis!

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through various features of Jarvis, providing step-by-step instructions in a clear and concise format. You'll learn how to utilize Jarvis's capabilities to their fullest potential, empowering you to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effortlessly.

How Linking Features Works

Jarvis possesses the remarkable ability to identify tasks through context and retain information from past conversations, empowering it to handle complex and interconnected tasks with ease. Additionally, you don’t have to talk to it like an AI—but a person assisting you.

Here are some example commands that link features you can use:

  1. Hey Jarvis. Can you list me the ingredients for a great Carbonara (Notes) as well add the substitute ingredient for the Italian meat they use (Search). I need to get my hair cut, can you remind me to go grocery shopping in an hour (Reminder). Do I need to bring an umbrella? (Weather).
  2. Hey Jarvis. What are the chances we are not alone in the universe? (Search) Can you make a playlist about exploring the galaxy while we talk? (Curate playlist). Can you graph the chances? (Remembers first command and will graph).

Launching Jarvis

All features can be used through opening the Jarvis app on your iOS device or by prompting “Hey Jarvis”.

Productivity Features

Add Notes

  • Activate the note creation feature in JarvisOS.
  • Speak or type to dictate your note.
  • Jarvis will transcribe the note for you.
  • Review and edit the transcribed text for accuracy.
  • Add additional details to customize your note, if necessary.
  • Save the note.
  • Access and refer to your saved notes within the Notes app.

Brief and Summarize

  • Obtain summaries of YouTube videos or articles .
Need Youtube Summarizer programee to work.
  • Provide the title or URL of the video/article.
  • Ask Jarvis to summarize.
  • Jarvis will present a concise summary.
  • Get brief summaries of news articles as well.

Compose and Send Emails

  • Compose and send emails effortlessly.
  • Dictate or type your email content.
  • Review and edit the email as needed.
  • Customize the tone by asking Jarvis.
  • Trust Jarvis to handle the sending process.

Create and Edit Reminders

  • Instruct Jarvis to create a reminder.
  • Provide the task, date, and time.
  • Customize with options like notifications and locations.
  • Review and confirm the details.
  • Easily edit reminders as needed.
  • Stay organized and complete tasks on time.
  • Never miss an appointment with Jarvis's timely reminders.

Manage Calendars

  • Request Jarvis to check your schedule.
  • Jarvis provides an overview of your upcoming events.
  • Make changes to existing events or add new ones by providing specific details.
  • Review and confirm the modifications made by Jarvis.
  • Regularly check in with Jarvis to effectively manage your schedule.
  • Stay organized and avoid conflicts.
  • Ensure you stay on top of appointments and events with Jarvis's assistance.


  • In Jarvis v4.5, voice commands are activated without explicitly saying "search."
  • Ask Jarvis directly for the information you need, using natural language.
  • Jarvis will process your query and provide relevant search results.

Screen Analyzer

  • Choose the screenshot you want to analyze.
  • Jarvis will extract the text from the screenshot for you.
  • View the extracted text on the app or have it read out to you.
  • Ask for additional information if needed.
  • Access text from screenshots quickly and conveniently without manual typing or searching.

Conversing Interactions

Any Conversation

  • Interact naturally with Jarvis through speech or text.
  • Jarvis responds in a friendly and helpful manner, providing relevant information and suggestions.
  • Enjoy personalized and tailored responses as Jarvis learns and understands your preferences better.

Archive Chats

  • Scroll up on your screen to view previous messages and review the chat history.
  • Tap the chat icon to access your previous conversations and select the one you want to explore further.
  • Jarvis recognizes the context of previous conversations, allowing you to seamlessly continue discussions where you left off.
  • Archive chats to keep them organized and easily reference them in the future.
  • Archived chats help you recall important details, instructions, or information exchanged in previous conversations.
  • Stay organized and efficiently navigate your conversations with Jarvis's chat archive feature.

Quality of Life Features

Control Homekit

  • Activate Jarvis by using the wake word or tapping the microphone icon within the app.
  • Use natural language commands to control your devices or activate predefined scenes.
  • For example, you can say "Hey Jarvis, turn on the lights in the living room" or "Hey Jarvis, set the thermostat to 72 degrees."
  • Alternatively, you can also control your Homekit devices through the mobile or tablet interface within the Jarvis app.
  • Open the app and navigate to the Homekit control section, where you can manually adjust individual devices, set schedules, or activate predefined scenes.
You can learn more about Homekit and Hue lights (Set mood feature) here.

Health Monitoring

  • Use voice commands or the app interface to ask Jarvis for health updates.
  • For example, you can say, "Hey Jarvis, provide me with my daily activity summary" or navigate to the Health section within the app.
  • Jarvis will provide you with real-time updates on your health metrics, such as steps taken, time slept per day, heart rate, and more.
  • You can review daily breakdowns of your activity and monitor your progress towards your health and fitness goals.
  • If you have medications to take, Jarvis can help you manage your medication schedule through linking features.
  • Simply ask Jarvis to set reminders for your medications at the appropriate time and dose.
  • For example, say, "Hey Jarvis, remind me to take my medications at 9 AM and 6 PM."
  • Jarvis will remind you at the specified times to take your medications.
  • You can rely on Jarvis to provide you with the necessary information about which medications to take and at what time.

Timers and Alarms

  • Initiate Timer or Alarm: Use voice command to activate the timer or alarm feature.
  • Set Date and Time: Provide the due date and time for the event or task.
  • Toggle Timers and Alarms: If you need to toggle a timer or alarm on or off, instruct Jarvis accordingly.


  • Use voice command or type a request to ask Jarvis about the current weather.
  • Get Detailed Forecast: Specify the timeframe you're interested in, such as tomorrow or the upcoming week.
  • Inquire About Specific Details: If you need more specific details about the weather, feel free to ask Jarvis for additional information. You can inquire about the chance of precipitation, wind speeds, UV index, or any other weather-related data that you find relevant.

Entertainment Features

Shuffle Music

  • Instruct Jarvis to shuffle the current playlist to play songs in a randomized order.
  • If you want to skip or repeat songs, simply use voice commands.
  • Take control of playback settings such as volume, pause, and resume using voice commands or the app's controls.

Curate Music Playlists

  • Simply request a personalized playlist based on your current mood or preferences.
  • Specify music genres or moods to fine-tune the playlist.
  • Wait for Jarvis to create the custom playlist, tailored to your liking.
  • If desired, you can provide feedback on the playlist to help Jarvis improve future recommendations.
  • Explore more options by asking Jarvis to modify the playlist's genre or mood.

V. System Features

Visualize Yourself

  • Asking Jarvis to visualize yourself will prompt a 3d model.

IP Analysis

  • Jarvis can analyze a given IP which you would then have information about like Geo-location.

Show Commands

  • Jarvis will give you a viewable content graph of all of the keywords that can be prompted. Additionally, Jarvis can also give you the relationships of all the said keywords.

Graph Data

  • Just ask Jarvis to create graphs about data you discuss with it.

Map Conversations

  • Just ask Jarvis to create a graph of the topics you have discussed with it in the past.