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The following are the frequently asked questions about Jarvis.

General Information

  1. What is Jarvis? Jarvis is a virtual AI assistant app designed to help you with various tasks and activities on your device.
  2. How does Jarvis work? Jarvis works by utilizing advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand your voice commands and respond to them with helpful information and actions.
  3. What devices can I use Jarvis on? Jarvis is available on iPhone X and newer, but we recommend having at least an iPhone 11
  4. Is Jarvis free to use? Jarvis is available via a subscription service.
  5. Can I customize Jarvis to my liking? You cannot customize Jarvis per se. But, Jarvis remembers your past conversations which would then be used as context for future interactions.


  1. What features does Jarvis have? You can ask Jarvis to perform a range of tasks such as scheduling appointments, setting reminders, sending messages, making phone calls, and much more.
  2. Can Jarvis manage my smart home devices?
  3. Can Jarvis help me keep track of my fitness goals? Yes, Jarvis can help track your fitness goals by providing real-time updates on your daily progress such as steps per day and sleep per day.
  4. Can Jarvis remind me to take my medications? Yes, Jarvis can remind you to take your medications on time and in the right dose.
  5. Can Jarvis extract text from images? Yes, Jarvis can read and extract text from images.
  6. Can Jarvis summarize articles and videos? Yes, Jarvis can summarize long articles and videos to save you time.
  7. Can Jarvis search the web for me? Yes, Jarvis is able to find answers to your questions through the internet.
  8. Can Jarvis schedule events and set reminders for me? Yes, Jarvis can take notes for you and even add them to your preferred note-taking app.
  9. Can Jarvis provide me with weather updates? Yes, Jarvis can provide you with current weather forecasts for today, tomorrow, and the week.
  10. Can Jarvis help me manage my emails? Yes, Jarvis can help you create engaging emails tailored to your liking.

Security and Privacy

  1. Is my data safe with Jarvis? We prioritize the privacy and security of our users' data. To ensure a seamless experience, we utilize the capabilities of a trusted third-party app to process and analyze the data before securely storing it in iCloud. This additional step allows us to offer enhanced features and insights. Rest assured that we handle your data with utmost care and adhere to strict privacy protocols throughout the entire process.
  2. Does Jarvis store my conversations and search history? Yes, this is to help with machine learning and make sure that Jarvis has all the context needed to better improve your experience in using the app.
  3. Can Jarvis be accessed by unauthorized users? No. Only you can access Jarvis.
  4. Can I delete my data from Jarvis? Yes, you are able to cancel your subscription and delete your account
  5. Does Jarvis use encryption to protect my data? Yes. The data stored by Jarvis is directly linked to you iCloud where it is securely stored.


  1. Is Jarvis compatible with my voice assistant device? Jarvis is a voice assistant on its own already.
  2. Can Jarvis integrate with other apps and services? There are add-ons that can be installed which integrates certain features to Jarvis.
  3. Can Jarvis be used in multiple languages? No, Jarvis is only available in English.
  4. Can Jarvis be used offline? No, Jarvis needs an internet connection to function.
  5. Can I use Jarvis on multiple devices simultaneously? Assuming that all of the devices have separate subscription accounts, then yes. If not, then you will not be able to Jarvis on multiple devices. !Links to mentioned answers!!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to email us at