Audience Generator

Audience Generator

Audience Generator

The Audience Generator is a tool that helps you create a targeted audience for your social media posts. It uses AI to analyze your previous posts and engagements, as well as your preferred topics, to identify the most suitable audience for your future posts.

By leveraging the power of AI algorithms and analyzing your past content and engagements, the tool can provide you with valuable insights that can improve the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Getting Started

To use the Audience Generator, follow these steps:

  1. Enter a description of your brand, it’s personality and the post accompanying it. Get a better understanding of Text FormattingText Formatting.
  2. Choose your preferred social media platform.
  3. Select any additional parameters you'd like to include, such as amount of interests, platform, etc..
  4. Click the "Generate Audience" button.

The Audience Generator will then create a target audience for your promotion with location, age and interests.

Limited use: allows location targeting only within the United States.

Additional Beta FeaturesBeta Features Add-ons

We also offer some beta additional add-ons to improve your experience with our platform's content generators. These include:

Server-Side Completion

Our server-side completion feature generates several possible text completions on the server side, and only displays the most suitable ones. This reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to generate effective content and ensures that you are using the most relevant and popular text for your post.

Keyword Analysis

The tool can also analyze your Liked ContentLiked Content to identify the most frequently used keywords and topics, which can help you better target your content.

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