Social Media Manager


About The Role

You'll lead the social media representation of our products — the editor for tweets, TikTok’s, and other social platforms, graphic design collaboration, and more. You'll manage various social media accounts, across our different products. Drive work on product vision and strategy together with our design department and co-founders, and help develop mnd's social media presence as a whole.

What You'll Achieve:

  • A vast understanding of intentionally producing hyper-growth across different social platforms
  • Understanding of collaboration within startups and different departments like design
  • Engaging with social audiences
  • Create content strategies
  • Understanding of how to use Notion as an organizational tool and Discord for communication

Skills and Toolset You'll Need to Bring:

  • Previously build personal social media accounts
  • Understanding of social engagement (what makes people stay on the video) across various platforms
  • Marketing and sales understanding
  • Just be a fun and engaging social person

Nice to Haves:

  • 50k+ on Tiktok, 3k+ on Twitter, 3k+ on Insta
  • Team communication skills
  • Self-organized
  • Team worker

About us:

Our mission is to connect people through content. We create new consumer social products focused on a great user experience. We build products that are in line with our mission of bringing people together and improving day-to-day life convenience.